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Are you trying to get more from the web? While other firms provide services, CodexSoft builds and executes a personalized inbound marketing strategy for the greatest return on your investment. Here's what CodexSoft can provide you:

  • An extensive list of award-winning and results-driven Internet marketing services, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media marketing
  • A personalized, detailed Internet marketing strategy based on company goals, consumer-base, competition, industry, budget and more
  • The opportunity to work with an internationally-recognized team of Internet marketing strategists dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations

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You’re looking for ways to take advantage of the Internet. You know the future is all about having an inbound marketing strategy with a high ROI. Why would anyone devote their dollars to traditional marketing methods, commercials, or advertisements when inbound marketing can reach more and return more — all at a fraction of the cost?

Chances are, you’re looking for a company that can provide you with the inbound marketing services you need to increase your online presence and extend your company’s reach over the marketplace. And you probably want a web marketing strategist who can get the results you want, too.

But you need more than just a company that provides services. You need a company that works with you to create a personalized Internet marketing strategy. You need a company that knows inbound Internet marketing like second nature — one that you can rely on.

That’s what sets CodexSoft apart from the sea of firms that call themselves Internet marketing providers.

Inbound Marketing Pricing & Plans

Strategy & Implementation
Features Strategy Strategy & Implementation
Lead forms & microconversions
Landing pages
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO
Online customer profiling
Paid search
Mobile website visitors
Mobile ads
Remarketing campaign
Website speed test
Local search
Social media
Social media monitoring strategy
Content marketing strategy
Web lead content strategy
Online PR strategy
Marketing automation or ecommerce review
Recommended budgeting
Recommended software solutions
Projected goals & metrics
Inbound marketing strategy timeline
~50 page inbound marketing strategy
Development or rebranding of blog  
10 hours of website conversion enhancements  
15 hours of content creation  
5 hours of website visitor focus group testing  
10 hours of search marketing focus group testing  
10 hours of search marketing improvement implementation  
Cost (one-time investment): $4,500 $8,500

CodexSoft's inbound marketing plans allow you to consult with an award-winning Internet marketing company with years of experience in creating campaigns that get results. You can consult with us simply to learn about the best way to market your brand online, or you can leave your inbound marketing campaigns completely in our hands. It's all up to you.

Read on to learn about the difference between CodexSoft and other inbound marketing companies.

We're Not Just Your Provider—We're your Partner

CodexSoft offers comprehensive Internet marketing solutions. From globally recognized search engine optimization services to get-in-their-heads social networking strategies, CodexSoft has what you need to get more from the web.

Our extensive list of award-winning and results-driven inbound marketing services isn’t the only reason why we’re considered a leader in our field. It’s the philosophy behind these proven services.

Our goal is to work with you to develop effective Internet marketing strategies for your company that can evolve right along with you. We aim to build long-term partnerships, based on an Internet marketing strategy that grows along with your company. And this philosophy has proven very beneficial to our long list clients with an Internet marketing strategy developed and executed by us.

Doing Inbound Marketing The Right Way

There’s a right way to create an effective inbound marketing strategy, and it starts with research. An Internet marketing analysis for your company is essential in the stages before you begin building your strategy — and we know the right way to do it.

We analyze your company, including your goals, customer-base, competition, industry, and budget. Then we build a personalized, detailed inbound marketing strategy that will take your company from where it is today to where you want it to be. We’ll work with you to tweak this game plan to perfection. Once your Internet marketing strategy has been finalized, we’ll set our wheels in motion to execute it.

From our internationally recognized team of search engine optimizers to our cunning pay-per-click strategists to our step-ahead-of-the-rest social media experts, we’re ready to implement your inbound marketing strategy so you can make the most of your traffic and visitors.

But we don’t stop there. We monitor your results and optimize your inbound marketing as needed, so you’re always getting the most from the web. Our cost effective Internet marketing strategies will ensure your results always meet your expectations and perfectly fit your budget. That's what sets us apart from other Internet marketing providers.

How an Inbound Marketing Strategy Can Benefit You

CodexSoft has been in the business long before the term "search engine optimization" was well known. We’ve pioneered processes and products, put together a top-notch team, and secured our position in the industry based on our record of exceptional results.

When you work with CodexSoft to develop and execute your inbound marketing strategy, you’ll be joining the long list of companies that has experienced exactly what the web can do with our help.

For instance, after working with Cleveland Brothers, calls to their office spiked 367% and the number of website visitors turning into customers jumped by 350%. Another company, EnviSupply, saw business growth of 29% over a five-year period. To handle the increased demands, they expanded their workforce by 10%.

On average, our clients see a 20% increase in revenue from an inbound marketing strategy. You could experience this same kind of success!

Want to get more from the web? You need a hard-hitting inbound marketing strategy! Contact us online today to get started on building and executing the right strategy for your business.

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