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Codex Soft is a leading widget development company with experience designing, developing, and implementing custom SEO widgets to increase website authority and earn valuable links.

What sets Codex Soft apart from other custom widget creators? The expertise our web designers, web developers and Internet marketers possess. Our talented team has the knowledge and skills necessary to create a custom widget for your company sure to garner attention, all the while building the overall trust and authority of your website. Our talented widget development and promotion team is second to none and our widget design team knows how to captivate visitors and compel them to interact.

What’s more, search engine optimization is our specialty, and our professional team can design and build you a widget keeping SEO and overall reach as our main focus throughout the entire process.

Competitive Custom Widget Pricing and Promotion Services

SEO Widget Development
SEO Widget Development & Promotion
Widget strategy development
Industry research
Topic research
Data analysis
Dedicated Project Manager
Widget wireframe development
Widget layout prototype
Widget layout prototype revisions
Widget design build
Widget connection to API / database
(Basic programming included)
Widget call back to web server
(Basic programming included)
Widget installation documentation
Widget testing
Delivery of source files
Addition of sharing buttons to widget download page  
Press release for widget  
Setup of widget on 3rd party software websites  
Setup of widget on open source plugin site (if applicable)  
Facebook promotion  
Twitter promotion  
Google+ promotion  
Blogger outreach  
Website outreach  
Blog posts written  
Content written for widget optimized for search engines  
Minimum Retweets   100
Minimum Google +1s   20
Minimum Facebook Likes   <50
Estimated links (Unique domains)   Based on client 15 to 150
Investment: $6,500 $12,000

Is a SEO Web Widget Right For My Company?

Yes! That's like asking if increased revenue is good for your bottom line. When executed appropriately, web widgets are a cost-effective and key tactic in supporting your overall SEO strategy.

Custom SEO Widgets present various opportunities for increased interaction with your website and serve as a unique and highly effective link building asset. Web widgets are small graphical user interface (GUI) programs providing interactive content for users, serving both functional and engagement purposes. They are shareable and multi-functional mini-applications used to help spread and extend the reach and overall awareness of specific information.

By incorporating a custom website widget into your overall Internet marketing strategy, your message can be placed on popular web pages where it could be seen by thousands – perhaps even millions – greatly increasing your website's exposure to your target market. Plus, when your custom SEO widget is placed on a website deemed trustworthy by the major search engines, you add a significant asset to your overall backlink profile. Increased awareness and a more authoritative website? It's a win-win situation.

This innovative form of web marketing can easily spread and go viral, positioning your company at the forefront of it all. What's more, by developing and promoting a custom SEO widget, your company is likely to acquire hundreds, if not thousands, of backlinks, furthering the overall trust and authority of your website in the search engines (read: coveted search engine ranking positions for your most important keywords).

Building Your Backlink Profile and an Authoritative Site with Custom SEO Widgets

The key benefit in creating a custom SEO widget is the increase in authority your site will experience with the backlinks you will acquire with each download and embed. With each link built via your custom SEO widget, your site develops greater authority, thus furthering any SEO or link building efforts being executed. By developing an SEO widget that is both engaging and strategically designed, you increase the likelihood webmasters and bloggers with extremely authoritative and high-traffic sites will adopt it for their own sites. In this way, Codex Soft guarantees hundreds, if not thousands, of valuable links included in your backlink profile through the use of an SEO widget.

Custom SEO Widget Options

A custom widget, once created, can be shared across the web and placed on various websites and blogs to provide informative and interesting data to visitors.

There are tons of options when it comes to creating your custom SEO widget; in fact, your only limitation is your imagination, or the imagination of the team at Codex Soft – and with the creativity of the team we've assembled, there are no limits!

We use our expertise and experience to determine if there are opportunities where your brand can specifically prosper in terms of link building from the creation of an SEO widget. We also conduct online market research to see what widgets are working and what widgets are not working in your specific field and industry and study your website content to see what can be utilized for your custom SEO widget.

Online Widget Creation and Development Process at Codex Soft

Online widgets provide very specific information making them an ideal method for tapping into new markets and reaching potential customers. At Codex Soft we have refined our widget creation and promotion process that has proven its effectiveness time and time again.

Research and Brainstorming Custom Web Widget Ideas

We analyze the market, the competition and widgets currently available in your niche. Within this initial research phase, we perform keyword research and determine which angle and keywords would truly benefit from an SEO web widget. Keeping this in mind allows us to better gauge which types of sites would be most beneficial to you and which webmasters and bloggers we should contact.

As a leading widget development company, we put research into every single piece of development that comes out of our doors. Our research process includes SEO widget strategy development, industry research and topical research. Once the topic and overall SEO widget strategy is determined, we perform data analysis to ensure both accuracy and reliability. After compiling the data from this discovery process, we deliver a custom widget strategy recommendation that is right for you.

Some of Our Successes:

Details Increased Website Traffic by
+ 95%
Details Increased Conversion Rate by
+ 37%
Details Decreased Bounce Rate by
- 29%
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SEO Widget Content Development Services

There are several end goals to consider when determining the overall strategy moving forward. The main objective behind the creation of an SEO widget is to create an online asset that is both used and spread by influential individuals. Creating a widget may mean you need to create content targeted to a particular type of user. Bearing that in mind, it is essential to create relevant content within your SEO widget that is useful to both visitors and search engines, and thus bloggers and webmasters. Our creative team is more than qualified to provide you with all of your widget content creation needs. We will conduct research to ensure accuracy and value while portraying it in a compelling manner.

SEO Widget Promotion and Outreach

Once you have your very own SEO widget, how do you get people to start using it and spreading it? At Codex Soft, we have a proven method to ensure your custom widget is seen by your target market and embedded on authoritative websites, thus achieving your company's goals. The widget promotion we perform will ensure the potential ROI of your online widget is truly maximized.

There are many different platforms and ways for people to discover widgets. With so many platforms and places to find and share these widgets, the task of promoting your custom widget can seem near impossible. We make use of a proven manual outreach strategy to spread your widget to as many people as possible. In implementing such a strategy, your custom SEO widget will appear in multiple platforms including top widget directories, 3rd party software websites and open source plug-in sites.

We submit your newly created widget to online Widget Directories ensuring bloggers looking for specific widgets will find and make use of yours in particular. In this way, we create an SEO widget for a blogger on your behalf that practically promotes itself as writers use those directories. In addition to directories, Codex Soft will draft a press release and submit it to article syndication sites, perform social promotion, blogger and webmaster outreach and link building. This not only ensures the proper promotion of your SEO widget, but also the likelihood webmasters and bloggers will adopt your widget, guaranteeing you valuable backlinks.

Want to increase traffic and build your backlink profile with a custom SEO widget? Talk to the widget development company that businesses trust most. Call an expert 1-888-44WEBFX or contact us online today to see how our expert team can help you!

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