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Your customers' purchasing decisions can take weeks (or months!), so it's essential that you nurture your leads over time to turn them into paying customers. Intelligent email is one of the most effective forms of lead nurturing on the market. With CodexSoft’s email marketing campaigns, you can:

  • Send intelligent emails on a strategic distribution schedule.
  • Tailor your intelligent email content to individual customers.
  • Set up intelligent emails to trigger when users visit pages or submit forms.

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Intelligent email marketing is one of the most effective channels for reaching customers because it allows you to directly communicate with those who have already expressed interest in your business. A message delivered to a lead’s inbox is a powerful tool — but only if it’s the right message.

At CodexSoft, we’ll help you create campaigns that are tailored to individual leads. Instead of sending the same emails to all of your subscribers, you can send targeted and relevant messages that will keep both current and potential customers engaged no matter where they are in the buying process. We offer three plans for businesses that want to start using lead nurturing:

Lead nurture email marketing plans

1 Lead Nuture Email Campaign
2 Lead Nuture Email Campaigns
1 Lead Nuture Email Campaign & 3 Intelligent Email Trigger Campaigns
Features 1 Lead Nuture Email Campaign 2 Lead Nuture Email Campaigns 1 Lead Nuture Email Campaign & 3 Intelligent Email Trigger Campaigns
Email marketing sequence One 6 part lifecycle email drip sequence Two 6 part lifecycle email drip sequence (12 total emails) One 6 part lifecycle email drip sequence & 3 part triggered intelligent sequence with 2 emails per trigger (12 total emails)
Lifecycle email strategic distribution schedule
Campaign and target strategy
Lead nuture workflow development
Recommended sales cycle implementation
Creative theme development
Design theme edits for each lifecycle email
Copywriting for email campaigns (Up to 200 words written per email)
Graphics design for email body content
Coding of lifecycle emails
Web form signup implementation
Web form signup tagging coding
Testing of emails on 24 clients
Built-in unsubscribe functionality
Ability to create custom segmented lists
Manual form subscription to lifecycle email campaign
On-demand reports for open rate per lifecycle campaign stage
On-demand reports for individual subscribers
On-demand clickthrough rate reports per drip stage
Ability to add additional lifecycle stages in the future
Call tracking number for ROI reporting
Complete visitor/lead lifecycle view (website visits, pages viewed, emails viewed, emails opened, etc.)
Triggered emails based on web visitor behavior  
Triggered intellegent emails based on firmographic industry visitor data (CompanyTrackerFX data integration)  
Triggered intellegent emails based on firmographic company revenue and employee count visitor data (CompanyTrackerFX data integration)  
Triggered intellegent emails based on firmographic company location visitor data (CompanyTrackerFX data integration)  
Initial design, copywriting, strategy and tracking setup (&): One time $1,500 One time $2,500 One time $2,500
        Up to 3,000 subscribers (or) $200 per mo. ($300 non-customers) $200 per mo. ($300 non-customers) $200 per mo. ($300 non-customers)
        3,000 to 10,000 subscribers (or) $450 per mo. ($600 non-customers) $450 per mo. ($600 non-customers) $450 per mo. ($600 non-customers)
        10,000 to 25,000 subscribers (or) $750 per mo. ($900 non-customers) $750 per mo. ($900 non-customers) $750 per mo. ($900 non-customers)
        Over 25,000 subscribers Call us - volume discounts apply Call us - volume discounts apply Call us - volume discounts apply

For multiple campaigns, a 10% discount is applied to all campaigns (after the first campaign). Additional lead nurturing email campaigns do not incur additional sets of sending fees — the total number of subscribers for all campaigns is utilized for the monthly fee calculation.

The lead nurturing power of email marketing

Lifecycle email marketing is a key part of lead nurturing. This strategy requires you to identify your potential customers, their location in your sales funnel, and the best ways to turn them into customers. Then, you follow up with each one and gradually turn them into a customer — in other words, you nurture each lead uniquely through the sales funnel so they become a paying customer.

When it comes to converting new leads into customers, few strategies match the convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness of email lead nurturing. Make sure you stay on the top of your industry with a strong lead nurturing strategy today!

How does lead nurture email marketing work?

If you already have an email marketing strategy in place, you’re familiar with the concept of sending customers a “Welcome” email when they first opt into contact from your business. This email is typically a brief “thank you” for filling out a form along with a note about the next step to becoming a customer. But what happens next?

With a traditional lead nurturing strategy, the subscriber may be placed on a list and sent weekly or monthly newsletters or promotional emails. But with a more advanced strategy, your company may stagger emails over the next few months to gradually familiarize subscribers with your products, nurturing a lead and eventually convincing them to make a purchase.

Sample campaign

With our MarketingCloudFX technology, we take things a step further. Instead of basing email frequency and content solely on how much time has elapsed since a lead signed up for a particular list, you can adjust your emails based on their subsequent website actions as well as firmographic data.

Did they open the first email? Return to your site? Do they work in an industry that your company knows well? Are there certain products they’re likely to be interested?

These actions and traits all signal different levels of engagement and interest, and they can help you decide what message you’d like to send next to nurture a lead. And with that lead nurturing, you can automate the process so all of your leads receive relevant, targeted content without you lifting a finger.

You’ll start by creating content that is designed to move different leads through the sales funnel depending on how ready they are to buy. For example, let’s say you’re a B2B heavy equipment manufacturer and you want to reach potential customers in the mining industry. Your lead nurturing strategy might look something like this:

Sample lifecycle content

With CompanyTrackerFX, you’ll be able to tell when someone who fits this profile visits your site. If they give you their email address to hear from you, you’ll automatically deliver the right content.

Connect your emails with your site experience

Every time a lead visits your site, they provide you with information that will help you better understand their needs and convert them into a paying customer. The pages they view, forms they fill out, and resources they download are all indicators of interest. With email marketing, you can use that information to determine the content of your emails and deliver the right information to each of your leads.

This integrated approach not only benefits your business, but also provides your customers with a seamless purchasing experience.

For example, let’s say you run a B2B company that sells heavy equipment, and a visitor arrives on your site for the first time. They click through a few general information pages, then sign up for your email newsletter. You have a new lead!

Within minutes, they’ll receive a welcome email thanking them for subscribing and providing them with a few links to important content on your site. The next day, they return to your site and visit pages about mining equipment. Two days later, they receive a second email from you with information about your products for mining companies.

Each email you send is nurturing your lead and moving them through the sales funnel. The content of these emails is more likely to be useful and interesting to them than information about other industries, and it'll resonate with them since it's similar to what they've already seen on your site.

Even if a lead hasn’t returned to your site yet, you can send them a broader email with links to a variety of pages and encourage them to return.

This is just one example of how your leads’ actions can impact the messages you send. Depending on the trends you see during your email campaign, you can modify it to be as simple or complex as you want to nurture leads and convert new customers.

When you work with us, the messages you send to your leads are unique to your business, and the email marketing experts at CodexSoft can work with you to create a campaign that will nurture your leads with the right messages at the right time.

Advanced reporting and ongoing optimization for lead nurturing

As with any marketing strategy, it’s important to monitor how well your email strategy is performing so can make sure you're nurturing your leads well. With MarketingCloudFX, you can see the results of each individual email you send and your overall campaign. And with our on-demand reporting, you can view sends, opens, and clicks right as they happen.

Sample drip stats

As your campaigns progress, you’ll begin to see patterns in customer behavior. This will not only show you how well your strategy is performing, but also help you identify areas that you can improve so you can nurture your leads better. You can edit existing emails and even add additional stages to your process to boost your email marketing success.

Sample lifecycle

By regularly updating and improving your campaigns, you can continue to boost your email marketing’s effectiveness. And with the help of our Internet marketing experts, you can create a highly targeted, personalized, and effective email marketing strategy that delivers real results for your business.

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