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While most web analytics data can provide insight into the behavior and sources of your visitor data, only Internet marketing automation services can help business owners drill down into the exact queries leading to site conversions. CodexSoft Internet marketing automation software and services:

  • Take your leads from the top of the marketing funnel through to the sales-ready process
  • Provide a custom reporting dashboard attributes specific leads to search terms and/or online sources used to access your website so you can make better-informed online marketing decisions
  • Offer implementation, setup and monthly monitoring managed by CodexSoft's Internet marketing automation experts

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Businesses that are looking to take advantage of the multitude of marketing services available on the Internet often feel an overwhelming and increased sense of pressure to succeed. Being aware that the future of online marketing must include a strategy that provides a high return on investment (ROI) is only one piece of the marketing puzzle. So where does the future of Internet marketing strategy lie?

Marketing automation.

Internet marketing automation is a strong first step in developing a strong online strategy. Business professionals are looking for the next best marketing service to exceed their needs at a fraction of the cost, with an additional level of provided value for a higher ROI. Wouldn't it be great if you had the capability to capture all of these needs within just one piece of software? Now you can — just use CodexSoft's marketing automation systems.

Full Service Marketing Automation Solutions

Market Leader
Features Standard Aggressive Market Leader
Setup of 1 year marketing automation strategy
Integration of website lead forms to marketing automation software
Setup of micro conversion events for ROI tracking
Drip email marketing research
Drip email marketing strategy
# of drip email marketing campaigns 2 4 6
Design & copywriting for drip emails Up to 6 Up to 12 Up to 20
Integration of webinar or event signups
White paper marketing research
White paper marketing strategy
# of white papers 1 - annually 1 - bi-yearly 1 - quarterly
Landing page research & strategy
# of landing pages setup 1 2 4
Setup of white paper lead capture
Setup of basic lead scoring
Import of existing newsletter list
Setup of newsletter into segmented lists
Included email distribution send level Up to 25k Up to 25k Up to 25k
Number of newsletters written & sent by CodexSoft   1 - Every 2 months 1 - monthly
Design of newsletter template to match website & brand
Prospect alerts
Company web visitor tracking & reporting
Company web visitor history dashboard & reporting
Development or optimization of website blog
SEO dashboards & reporting
Social media dashboards & reporting
# of blog posts per month 2 4 8
# of press releases 1 - annually 1 - bi-yearly 1 - quarterly
A/B website conversion testing 2 tests - every 60 days 4 tests - every 60 days 8 tests - every 60 days
Initial investment $5,000 $7,500 $9,000
Monthly service fee $900 $1,400 $2,000

Marketing Automation Solutions

CodexSoft - Marketing Automation
Features LeadManagerFX CodexSoft - Marketing Automation
Setup of lead capture forms & lead reporting
Ability to view lead source  
Ability to setup website call tracking Additional fees apply Additional fees apply (2nd login required)
Ability to listen & download recorded website calls Included in call tracking Included in call tracking (2nd login required)
Web visitor company tracking
Web visitor company tracking history report  
Web visitor company tracking daily email reporting
Web access and lead management system user permission tiers
Ability to view contacts at the web visitors company  
Ability to setup drip email campaigns  
Lead scoring  
Prospect alerts  
SEO dashboards & reporting  
Social media dashboards & reporting  
Investment $275 $400

The marketing automation services offered by CodexSoft provide companies with the opportunity to leverage the power and ease of managing their online marketing presence through simple, but powerful marketing automation solutions and tools. Through this increased functionality, we can provide you with detailed site history and behavioral information about your leads all in one place. What could be better?

Full-Service Marketing Automation Solutions: The Right Way

There's a right way to develop a thorough marketing strategy. Proper reporting and frequent site conversion analysis is a must, but marketing automation can be the icing on the cake. We offer marketing automation consultation to make sure you know every detail about what'll happen with your business.

Our team of marketing automation consultants can help tailor a system to your needs that will keep your business growing. Our marketing automation tools have an immediate focus on taking your leads from the top of the marketing funnel through to the sales-ready process. Marketing automation intelligence uses tracking codes through social networks, email, and webpages to track the behavior of prospective customers through our custom reporting dashboard.

The dashboard can record which search term was used to access a website, which link was clicked in an email, which social thread was followed, and much more. Based on the activities of prospective customers, marketing automation tools provide your business the opportunity to influence your customers from first interest all the way through to the sale.

The marketing automation consultants at CodexSoft will devise a plan to best report on the leads coming through to your business and how you can best leverage those channels that are bringing in your most qualified leads. We don't work with cookie-cutter marketing solutions for every business — our automation consulting services are designed to offer you a custom-tailored system that will work for your company, specifically. Our marketing automation services include implementing the tool setup and monthly marketing for you, our valued client.

Introducing LeadManagerFX and CompanyTrackerFX

Does marketing automation align with your business goals? Consider CodexSoft, a leader in the field of marketing automation companies, for our specialized enterprise marketing tools: LeadManagerFX and CompanyTrackerFX. Read on to learn more about these marketing automation systems and how they can improve your business online.


CodexSoft's lead management software, aptly named LeadManagerFX, is a custom CRM that can manage your leads and better determine where your high quality leads are being generated while filtering out the "spam" or "junk" leads. This unique lead management automation software also allows your Internet marketers to understand which keywords are generating the most search traffic and site conversions for you so he/she can help you make the best business decisions moving forward. Discovering the opportunities to track the behavior of potential customers provides you the ability to record on interaction from the first visit all the way through the purchasing funnel.

The custom leads dashboard within LeadManagerFX allows you and your Internet marketer to sort by any of the variables available from date to traffic source to organic keyword and more. What's more, you can delete any 'junk' submissions that come in so you can get a better indication of your ROI from the web and where to focus your future efforts.


Within the LeadManagerFX dashboard, business will also have the ability to track the companies that have viewed their website(s) -- and how many times. Submissions in CompanyTrackerFX will show a Google Places map of where they are located as well as the pages they have visited within your site, giving you more feedback into the products and/or services they were interested in when viewing your website. B2B, E-commerce and even B2C companies will find this feature invaluable.

LeadManagerFX and CompanyTrackerFX are available through CodexSoft following the pricing models referenced above. Businesses have the option to set up custom email alerts on a weekly or monthly basis in order to be provided a comprehensive snapshot on how we manage your lead generation.

Contact Our Marketing Automation Consultants

If you want the best in marketing automation services and the most useful markting automation software available on the market today, contact the professionals at CodexSoft for more information on setting up a consultation. You'll talk to a marketing automation consultant who has the experience and talent needed to turn your vision into a reality. Marketing automation consulting from CodexSoft is the first step in growing your business online.

Whether your interests lie within basic marketing automation solutions or our specialized LeadManagerFX and CompanyTrackerFX options, our web strategists will work with you one-on-one to discover your business goals and develop a plan that best fits your needs.

Want to get more from the web? You need the best marketing automation agency in the game! Call our web strategists at 888.449.3239 or contact us online today to get started on building and executing the right strategy for your business!

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